What’s Fresh: Week of June 25

Veggies & Herbs: Beans, candy onions, squash blossoms, purslane, radishes, kale, assorted lettuce, chives, cilantro, beets (red, white, and gold), rosemary, oregano, leeks, spearmint, peppermint, rainbow chard, 1st carrots, baby red romaine, spring garlic, green & yellow zucchini, snap peas, bunched baby spring onions, pickling cucumbers, Persian cucumbers, beans, radishes, red & white new potatoes, corn (River Vale Market only)

Fruit: Local Jersey blueberries, first peaches (River Vale Market only)

Plants: First cut flowers, perennials, herb plants.

Specialty: Garlic scapes, hydroponic lettuce, baby romaine, basil: regular, Thai, lemon, & purple

Coming Soon: Eggplant, peppers, purple beans, red onions


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