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Thyme Saver – Week of July 16th

We’re LOVING the Thyme Saver recipes this week- the caramelized balsamic eggplant was a big hit around here!  It’s been WAY too hot to actually turn on the oven, so a recipe that just took 4 minutes on the stovetop was definitely appreciated.  I have a big pitcher of the Stokes Farm Summer Special chilling in the fridge- definitely keeping a ton of it on hand for these hot hot days.  The grated beet salad is on tap for tonight’s dinner.  What have you been making?





What’s Fresh: Week of July 1st

Vegetables: beets, cherry tomatoes, garlic, kale, kirbies, corn (Old Tappan only), lettuce, snap peas, spring onions (red & yellow), Swiss chard, tomatoes, zucchini (green & yellow), Cousa squash

Herbs: apple mint, peppermint, rosemary, sage, spearmint, thyme

Fruit: Local Jersey blueberries, first peaches (Old Tappan only), cherries (Old Tappan only)

Plants: Perennials, herb plants

Specialty: Garlic scapes, hydroponic lettuce