Stories About Our Crops


  • Speak up, if you want your (Jersey) asparagusThe Star Ledger (4.23.08)
    As the mercury inches upward and the local asparagus season heats up in response, in the upper reaches of Bergen County, Ron Binaghi, Jr., of Stokes Farm in Old Tappan tries to steer clear of his 15 rows of green and purple-tinged spears. “I can’t pick it because when I’m out there, I keep eating it,” he said [read more]


  • The birds and the basilThe Star Ledger (6.1.05)
    Ron Binaghi, Jr., of Stokes Farm in Old Tappan, who grows a cornucopia of herbs for sale at several New York City greenmarkets, laughed when I told him my tale. “Maybe they’re Italian birds,” he chuckled.


  • The culinary spell of cilantroThe Star Ledger (10.30.07)
    “About three or four years ago, it went mainstream,” agreed Ron Binaghi, Jr., of Stokes Farm in Old Tappan. He grows the (aptly named for this time of year) Santo variety of cilantro for sale at his farm and in New York City greenmarkets. “I think we’ll have it for three more weeks, right until Thanksgiving. It doesn’t like a big freeze, but it doesn’t mind a frost.”


  • Get fresh with eggplantThe Star Ledger (8/5/08)
    The Manhattan chefs who frequent the Green Markets where Binaghi sells his produce favor Beatrice, a round lavender eggplant about the size of a giant softball. “They say it has the best flavor,” he said. [read more]


  • A surprise in River Vale: “That’s how garlic grows?” (7/21/10)
    “A staple in nearly every household, yet when customers see it in its raw, pure, unprocessed form, it always catches them by surprise.”

heirloom tomatoes

  • New York Magazine’s blind taste test declared our Aunt Ruby Heirloom Tomato New York’s #1 tomato! Read more about the Aunt Ruby & other delicious heirloom tomatoes in the article: The Great Tomato Hunt – New York Magazine (8.15.10).


swiss chard

  • Deck the Table with Swiss ChardThe Star Ledger (12.7.05)
    “People have been rediscovering Swiss chard because of their health-consciousness,” said Ron Binaghi, Jr., of Stokes Farm in Old Tappan. “We grew it for years, then it kind of fell out of favor and we quit it. Now we’re growing it again.”


  • Rich Tomato, Poor TomatoNew York Magazine (9.18.06)
    A delightful tale of two tomatoes. One grown on a whole-sale Florida farm, and another grown right here on Stokes Farm.