The Folks at Stokes

Ron Binaghi Jr.

Stokes Farm is currently operated by Ron Binaghi Jr. Ron was the 2000 recipient of the New Jersey Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year Award. His goal is to keep the farm in production for future generations to enjoy. You can find him every Saturday at the Union Square Greenmarket.




Jeanine Binaghi

Ron Jr.’s wife, Jeanine, is the backbone of retail sales at home and is in charge of the planting of all 16 greenhouses. You can find her at the farmstand.





Ron Binaghi III

Ron Binaghi III is a 6th generation farmer, and co-owner and operator of Stokes Farm. You can find him every Thursday and Saturday at the Tucker Square/Lincoln Center Greenmarket on the Upper West Side with delicious produce, cooking advice & maybe a joke or two.